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We purposely enhance the growth of the brain by challenging children to remember strings of movement and skills that require attention to detail of body placement while the heart is pumping. Studies show the more physical tests children pass, the higher their achievement scores.

Health education is a natural part of our combat sport environment since competitors need to make weight and be strong. At Bare Knuckle Murphy’s we teach children that their body is worth protecting and respecting. The workouts we use are anaerobic in nature and designed to burn fat and build strength, balance and speed. Shaunna Murphy, the on staff nutrition specialist is available for consultation.

We teach the most practical arts available for self defense. In addition children are taught verbal assertiveness skills and what to do in a variety of situations.

In an atmosphere like that of Rocky Balboa, kids will gain the heart of a fighter. Our focus on the “science” of “the sweet science” means your child will gain the athleticism of a boxer while learning clean fundamentals, useful for self defense and cross training for other sports. The atmosphere is that of teamwork and camaraderie.

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