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What do I wear?

ALL PROGRAMS REQUIRE... comfortable, tasteful clothing in which you are able to move. We recommend layering the clothing so you may remove and put clothing back on as you warm-up and cool down during your class. Long hair must be tied away from face. NO JEWELRY PLEASE Jewelry can cause cuts and tears on yourself, others and the equipment. SHORTS... we require leggings or compression shorts worn under shorts. SHOES.... worn beyond the entrance must be ‘indoor only’ shoes. Any shoe may become your indoor shoe for Bare Knuckle Murphy’s by spraying the bottom with a bleach product, let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse. (Once the shoes are worn outside you must repeat the cleaning process.) A shoe with good arch support is recommended.

What equipment do I need?

Hand wraps

Boxing gloves... A moderately priced 16 oz glove is fine to start. This starter glove may be used on the bag and light partner work. However, if you would like nicer gloves, we can help you select and order them. To try your first class, we have gloves for students to borrow. 16 oz gloves are required for any sparring work. 12 or 10 ounce for pad-work. No-foul hip and groin protector for people who want to spar A mouthpiece is required for any time you are working with a partner.

Shin and instep pads are required in addition to the boxing equipment
Rash-guard shirt and shorts. No snaps or zippers are allowed. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi class requires a gi and belt Mouthpieces and groin protectors are recommended All grappling classes require that you be clean and stink-free before class. If you are a person who sweats a lot, please bring several changes of clothing and a laundry bag for your wet clothing.
NO JEWELRY PLEASE! It will tear the fabric! Snug fitting clothing. Bare feet. Ankles and lower legs exposed.
Am I going to get beaten up?

Of course not. The classes are instructional. We are teachers and our job is to instruct you on how to do the sport you are studying. Many people love to learn boxing and combat sports for exercise and self defense. Some people love to spar and some people do not want to spar. Our goal here at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s is to let the student dictate the intensity.
Do I need to be in shape before I start?

No you do not need to be in shape before you start. If you can’t keep up with a training regimen...then spend some time with us. We promise by the end that you will. We have entry level programs that start with core and functional strength. We gradually integrate you into the more challenging workouts as you are ready. Is a bad back, knee or other chronic injury holding you back? We have many ways of working around injuries to make you stronger and get you moving. So get off the couch and into the ring.
I want to be a contender...How fit do I need to be to handle the training?

You need to be very fit to handle the rigors of an intense training regimen as used by competitors. And that is why we are here. The reason competitors like Manny Pacquaio and George St. Pierre are on television is because they went to the gym.
Am I too old to start training?

You are never to old to start training. An exercise like boxing uses muscles you are already used to using. Boxing will enhance core strength combined with leg strength and overall conditioning. The reactive quick rhythm and movement of boxing slow down the aging process that causes older people to lose balance. Learn how “the old one-two” will knock out aging! You win!

Parking Instructions
What is the proper etiquette?

Etiquette to keep you safe and happy

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