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  Great for burning fat and weight loss

  Gain functional strength, coordination, speed, and balance

  Excellent cross training for any sport

  Get full conditioning head to toe and legs that won’t get tired

Bare Knuckle Murphy’s attracts people from the coast, Boston area, and Vermont for it’s notable boxing program. Our teaching syllabus uses the fundamentals of olympic boxing. Our focus on the “science ” of “the sweet science” means you learn clean fundamentals. Most boxing programs focus on setting up a deluted copy of a boxing workout because they lack a knowledgeable coaching staff. The workout program at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s is MORE “fat burning” then aerobic style boxing workouts..... and your body will be happier doing your skills mechanically correct. You will learn evasive footwork, speed, and balance along with crucial hand to target coordination. We focus on hitting without getting hit.

At Bare Knuckle Murphy’s each combination is a combination useful for an actual boxing match. We take you way beyond the great boxing workout to teach you useful footwork and angles that make your opponent miss and fall off balance.

Each class on the schedule is a little different. Some classes start with a core strength warm-up, to further enhance your understanding of how to utilize your boxing core. We even have a course that safely teaches you how to spar.

Whether you are at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s to work on your fitness or compete on our team, good fundamentals are crucial to reach your goal. Classes are always fun, interesting, and a great workout. You will leave energized and ready to live your life to the fullest. Stop by to learn about how to start a boxing program.

8 Week Class for only $200 if you buy online now

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