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Back when kickboxing was in it’s hay day Linda won the Eastern American (Canadian/U.S.) title. In the early 90‘s when the USAB allowed women to compete in boxing she boxed. She grew a deep appreciation for how these sports mirror life, and teach skills like no other. The care, the camaraderie, and the respect between different personalities in a boxing gym were different then more military based martial arts. Linda’s vision for Bare Knuckle Murphy’s is to offer excellence in teaching in an environment that gives the care in coaching and the inspiration to dig deep---to give the feeling that an underdog can come back and win with a knockout punch just when you think the fight is over.

Linda has over 35 years of teaching and coaching experience. She has been coaching and management staff for 11 world rated kick-boxers, 2 world titles, a winning silver mittens boxing team for New England, golden gloves finalists, and striking coach for MMA competitors.

She has been featured in numerous martial arts publications including Fighter Magazine, Karate Illustrated, Black Belt Magazine, and International Kick boxer.

She is a USAB level III boxing coach and judge, a kickboxing judge and official, and an MMA judge. She developed a reality self defense course for Dartmouth College and has conducted 100’s of workshops focused on self defense and bullying.

She has several certifications including yoga, nutrition for athletes, and strength and conditioning. She went to the University of Maine at Orono under the department of

Kinesiology and Health & Physical Education. She will always continue her passion for “the Sweet Science” of boxing and combat sports.

From that foundation her vision of Bare Knuckle Murphy’s continues to grow. What remains constant is the spirit of the warrior, from the first punch thrown, to a sense of empowerment, and fighter spirit for all who come to the gym.

If Mello Mel can’t get you in shape, then you just aren’t trying. He has trained four main event ten round boxers. One of these boxers went on to become involved in three world title championship bouts. He has appeared with his boxers on ESPN a number of times along with title bouts on HBO and Showtime.

Mel has had numerous New England and Regional champions and one national title holder, and has been coaching boxing for over 35 years on an amateur and professional level. He worked with Gilberto Brown the year prior to when Gil made the olympic boxing team.

Mel has worked in the heart of Lawrence, Massachusetts teaching boxing for years, helping young people attain discipline and hope.

Eugenio Traballano leads the Savate (boxe Francais) program at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s. Eugenio’s class offers an excellent cardio workout with an authentic traditional teaching syllabus, true to the art of Savate.
                                He is passionate about Savate in his teaching
                               and in his promotion of local events,
                              bringing international competitors from as far as
                             Belgium and France to a bi annual competition in
                           Manchester, NH. His technical training methods provides
                         a low impact, educational, and heart pumping workout that will
                        keep you coming back for more.

                    Eugenio started training in his birth country of Italy at 14 years of age. He
                  trained in Savate, Thai Boxing, and Shoot Boxing. He competed professionally
                 in Europe until 1997 and in 1993 was ranked number three by the WKA
                 kickboxing rankings. In 1996 he became Italy’s vice champion in Savate combat.
                In 2008 Eugenio achieved the rank of Guant D’Argent II.

                Eugenio is currently the National Technical advisor for the USSF, a member of the
                FIKB, and one of the founders of Ecole de Combat (with Marco Gilotti). Throughout
               coaching career he has trained several savateurs at a national and international level
               and ranked many more. He recently wrote an introductory book in the art of Savate

                Eugenio now resides in Manchester, New Hampshire with his wife and two children.
                He has his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, from the University of Rome and a
                Master Degree from SNHU.

Moussa Vieux Ba brings his 14 years of kickboxing ring experience to New England, with a record of 32-8, 19.

He fought for the Middle Weight world title in 1992 in Phoenix, Arizona and for the Super Middle Weight title in Moscow, Russia in the fall of 1992. He taught Muay Thai kickboxing from 2002 to 2007 at the famous Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu Club for owner Marcus Vinincius. While he was there he studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Marcus Vinicius. In addition to his impressive kickboxing experience he has a B.A. in Economics from UNC Charlotte and an MA pending in African Studies from the University of Dalarna, Sweden.

Moussa moved to beautiful New England with his family in 2012. We are happy to have him as part of our team.

Joe St. Hilaire’s role at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s is to teach and motivate the boxer through a fun and challenging workout that exposes him/her to clean fundamentals and gets them on the road to being boxer fit. Joe St. Hilaire has boxed under the tutelage of Linda Murphy since he was 15 years old. Joe is one of the best technicians in New England, with several ESPN-televised professionals coming to Manchester to spar him in preparation for their matches. If you have been to any of Joe St. Hilaire’s boxing matches you will surely remember an exciting match with Joe evading KO punches with matrix like movement and responding back with fast hard hitting angular strikes. Along with boxing he is a student majoring in criminal justice along with time spent in Afghanistan as a marine.

Joe was a member of the Salem High School track team and has received several leadership and fitness awards through the military.

Joel brings a full knowledge of each component of the martial arts that make up mixed martial arts to the people of Bare Knuckle Murphy’s. Joel Demers is one of the most talented hard working athletes ever to come out of Murphy’s gym. He is an avid competitor on the team in boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and savate.

Joel instructs jiu jitsu gi and no gi classes with a wonderful ability to make the class relaxed and comfortable for students to absorb the jiu jitsu concepts. He is a great communicator with endless enthusiasm to teach and learn about the arts in which he competes. He is a motivating presence to all training in the gym.

Joel has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. He was also a track and cross country team runner. He loves to spend time with his two dogs, psycho cat, friends and family. Come cheer Joel on in competition. You’re sure to see a great technical match with the heart of a great competitor.

Jonathan’s love for Martial Arts and his passion for teaching are evident the moment you step onto the matt in his classroom. Jonathan was among one of the first mixed martial arts competitors in the region to step foot in the cage at New England shows. He had a successful MMA career with Team Burgess and a steady learning curve as he expanded his wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and striking skills. Jonathan spent many hours officiating Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi and no-gi matches at NAGA (North American Grappling Association) tournaments. This officiating experience is helpful in teaching students how to score in tournament BJJ.

Jonathan is currently training under the Drysdale system of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Curt Cummings. As a talented athlete he continues on the competition circuit, training for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world competition in 2014.

Jonathan’s teaches a fast pace class with a focus on the Drysdale style of BJJ. He stresses strong fundamentals and a team atmosphere where everyone is challenged yet newer and less athletic people are allowed to go at their own pace.

Curt Cummings began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in February of 2000, in Maui, Hawaii. Curt had known of BJJ for years prior, having an uncle who trained under Renzo Gracie in NY and would visit Curt and teach him techniques from time to time. It wasn’t until a friend introduced Curt to Travis Pennington, a brown belt at the time under Renato Verissimo (BJ Penn’s main instructor) that Curt began training BJJ at Impact Zone, a Nova Uniao academy in Maui – a BJ Penn affiliate school. While in Maui, Curt did very well competing with his team in many large tournaments.

Curt trained in Maui for a total of 7 years before moving back to NH in 2007, starting his own school, and becoming an affiliate of Robert Drysdale – a Las Vegas, NV based world champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Curt now owns and operates Impact Zone Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, located in Bow, NH. Continually working with Robert Drysdale, Curt shares his vast knowledge of BJJ with his students and those lucky enough to have the opportunity to train with him.

Brian Caldwell brings the grapplers perspective to Mixed Martial Arts at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s.

Brian grew up with a strong work ethic working on the family cattle farm at a young age. He wrestled through his school years, and onto Division 1 wrestling at Ohio State. His style of teaching is truly that of a caring coach. He has an ability to communicate grappling skills and how they apply to Mixed Martial Arts. He makes it clear which positions are advantageous to strike and control and the positions to avoid that make you vulnerable to getting hit. Brian has his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Brazilian Top Team. Father of two

teenagers, he is still active in Jiu Jitsu competition.
He currently grapples and helps ready for competition notable mixed martial arts competitors such as UFC John Howard. Along with teaching at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s Brian coaches Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts at Wai Kru of Boston and Team Intenze in Laurence. Brian teaches to all levels: in shape, out of shape, no experience, to very experienced.

Heather is a motivating, positive force with an understanding of movement and an ability to communicate movement and placement to her students. She has studied martial arts since the age of 2. Her first formal training outside of martial arts started at the age of five with professional clown and author Brandon Barnette. She studied the breakdance, capoiera, acrobatics and clown arts. She studied classical dance disciplines under the instruction of the late Michelle Leslie of Dance Theatre of Harlem, and under Jose Mateo Dance Theatre of Cambridge. She currently studies aerial circus at New England Center for Circus Arts, with a focus on aerial fabric, rope, and trapeze. She continues to study dance and Brazilian Jui Jitsu.
Heather heads the Go Ninja Aerial Circus Arts program at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s. She is a ball of energy, with a smile and a style that will get you out of the chair and into the air.

Shaunna Murphy has been around high performance athletic sports that involve weight lose since she was a little girl. She specializes in health and nutrition for athletes, weight loss, and health improvement. She combines her nutrition and wellness with strength and conditioning and aerial circus arts. She has trained in Martial Arts since the age of two.

Her athletic training expanded under the instruction of Michelle Leslie and Marie Frederique for ballet, tap, jazz, point, and modern dance. She continues her study today of Martial Arts Aerial circus arts, and modern dance. She values the discipline and joy that exercise can bring to ones life.

Theo presents an artistic alternative cross training program to members of Bare Knuckle Murphy’s to enhance body rhythm and coordination. In Ghana boxing, drumming and dance are important childhood activities. Theo Martey, the instructor of African Drum and Dance at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s, grew up in Ghana playing soccer and drumming and dancing with world ranked boxer Joshua Clottey. In Ghana the recreational facility hosts dance, drumming and boxing. When Theo moved to the United States it was natural to come to a boxing gym to inquire about space to run a program teaching drum and dance. In 2002 the program started at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s bringing a wonderful addition to our offerings. Students learn about the beautiful culture of Africa’s dance, music, and art.

Theophilus Nii Martey started performing at the age of 6 in the African Personality Youth Ensemble. At 17 he performed with the National Theatre of Ghana and later with the Brekete Drum and Dance Ensemble in London. He moved to the United States to start his own company called Awaaba Ensemble. Theo is regularly an artist in residence under the New Hampshire State Art Council. He performs regularly at schools and colleges throughout New England, New York, and Canada. For more information on Theo or Akwaaba go to www.akwaabaensamble.com

We found Tom Olsen in the alley outside the gym practicing kung fu. It was noticed that this large 250 lb. man could move in and out of deep stances with remarkable grace and fluidity. Linda was impressed. One day Linda and Tom struck up a conversation about how nice it would be to offer a kung fu program at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s. From that time on there has been a kung fu class every Sunday afternoon.

Tom has been practicing kung fu at Chiu Mo Kwoon Hung Gar Kung Fu in Chinatown, Boston for over 10 years. He has a wonderful style of instructing with an ability to pass on the intricate movements of kung fu at a pace each student can enjoy. Tom has a substantial knowledge of the various forms and weapons of Hung Gar Kung Fu along with some northern kung fu, and even a wee bit of drunken style kung fu. (this does not mean he practices kung fu after drinking alcohol) In addition to Hung Gar, Tom also instructs Iaido. Iaido is Zen meditation combined with authentic Japanese sword technique. He holds a 3rd dan in Iaido.

Tom has his B.S. in computer science from the University of New Hampshire Durham and a black belt in Hung Gar kung fu.

Melissa’s passion is modern dance. (Modern dance uses the entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas not bound by the classical rules of ballet; meaning you may see contractions, curves, rolling and sometimes acrobatic movement).

After many years of teaching and choreographing in traditional dance studios, such as Southern New Hampshire Dance Theatre and Dimensions in Dance, Melissa is fulfilling her goal of teaching modern in an athletic environment.

Her role at Go Ninja is to help aerial circus athletes transfer movement from Modern Dance up onto the apparatus. Melissa has a bachelor of arts in modern dance from Butler University.

Donna Park McIntosh is a sister ninja to Linda. Both Donna and Linda grew up doing Martial Arts, and music. Donna’s passion is music but she has some ninja in her too. Donna has taught music in the Manchester school system for over 25 years. She has a special knack for getting children to love music. Each year she directs musicals at Northwest Elementary that fill children with confidence and fill the school with love and community. Her role at Go Ninja is to bring a creative approach to the music arts encouraging active children to develop musical skills. Donna also teaches the art of music education to future teachers at Southern New Hampshire University.

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